Energy saving effects of ENERGY KING products

1. ENERGY KING products not only display instantaneous power usage in real time, but also have a HIGH/LOW alarm function, allowing electricity use to be turned ON-OFF through the alarm output terminal.
. ENERGY KING products can connect up to 256 devices in series via 2-wire through the RS-485 communication terminal. When using the SCADA PROGRAM , which is sold separately , the operation of the entire factory can be monitored from the control room, and PLC can be used as necessary. It can be controlled using This function can be used as a "MAXIMUM DEMAND CONTROLLER" to reduce power costs.
. ENERGY KING products can display daily/monthly/yearly graphs as well as tables on the instrument panel, allowing the electricity usage and amount to be displayed by each hour, providing information that is on a different level from general integrated power meters.
. ENERGY KING products are the first in the world to be equipped with a LOST ENERGY calculation function on the instrument panel, calculating wasted energy and displaying it to provide power saving goals to users.
. ENERGY KING products provide software called KORINS-POWER by developing the world's first function to receive 365DAY data (one year's data) stored in the instrument's CPU memory at once via RS-485 communication. This function allows you to download the power usage stored for 365 days every hour at a time and receive daily minimum and maximum data, average data, monthly total, and yearly data in one table.
. ENERGY KING products can receive " WEB CLOUD service " through built-in WIFI or using LTE ROUTER or LAN line , and display of daily GRAPH, monthly GRAPH and DOWNLOAD of corresponding DATABASE data are possible.
7. In addition to the above GRAPH information, the CLOUD service of ENERGY KING products additionally provides " REAALTIME service ", which lists multiple equipment on one page and provides data by year/month/day/hour at the same time to view the entire factory. The flow can be managed on one page. However, in the case of "REALTIME service", if the WIFI or LAN line is not connected even for a moment, the measurement data during this period will be lost and no records will be left, which can be a problem.
8. The world's first " 365 CLOUD service " is developed and provided in addition to the CLOUD service of ENERGY KING products. If you use this function, even if you access the Internet only once a year, you can DOWNLOAD one year's data to CLOUD at once and restore the data to EXCEL FILE. This data can replace the "electricity log".
9. In addition to the CLOUD service of ENERGY KING products, "LOST ENERGY CLOUD SERVICE" will be available from the second half of 2024. Once this function is developed, the energy overconsumption status of dozens of switchboards can be seen at a glance. 
10. By linking with the CLOUD SERVICE of ENERGY KING products, it is possible to develop a control device linkage of the switchgear to save power charges.