Special CharacteristIics  SEM3000    


Wireless power measurement device (a maximum distance of 30m)

Function to count indoor residents and can confirm if all residents are out

Permits monitoring of changing power rate and estimated electricityconsumption as the home appliances are turned on or off

Permits automatic power shut off for applicances that can be switched off in the event all residents are out

Displays instantaneous power and 1 day/1 week/1 month/ power usages

Displays date, month, year, time and day of the week

Displays the power consumption of previous day in graph

Displays power consumptions of 1 day, 7 days, 30 days and electricity consumption cost

Permits the power consumption measurement and recording using 1 monitor with up to 10 wireless sensors installed


It displays the power consumed vs. target power consumption in percentage (%) to enable users to estimate and control the power consumption for the remaining day in 1 month.

As an option, the power monitoring is possible with optical sensor installed to a digital totalizer meter


It provides the alert boundary per power maximum accommodation times and a sounding alarm to induce power-savings to comply with the national policy.

As an option, 300A wireless power clamp intallation available (to a maximum instantaneous power of 30kW)

Displays the alert boundary in LCD if power consumption exceeds the monthly target under the 6 phased electricity rate for home

An optional software enables power graph of 1 hour/1 day/30 days/12 months/5 years


SEM3000 Internet Cloud Service functions (Option)


An optional bridge enables graphs of 1 day/1 week/ power consumption with internet display

Provides 10 channels for of daily, weekly, monthly, yearly graphs for one year

Monitors CO2 emission and saved

Provides comparision graphs for one year of previous /present day, previous month/present month, previous year/present year

Power consumption graphs of previous day, today, current week(Monday – Sunday) and 7 months

Permits integrated management of up to 999 sites (for a company with numerous branches)

Permits entering of 6 electricity unit rates for home