Real time Graph & SEM3000 memory download  
  The new pc software have 2 functions:
1)1 minute interval Real time graph display and data logging on pc automatically until pc connected.
2)SEM3000 memory download with graph display & CSV file logging on pc.
  Setup Mode:
Before you start the real time graph and SEM3000 data download, you must make setup for "com port", timer/date and money unit price.
  After click "Com-Port select, if you could find "COM 3" underneath of "COM 4", you must click "COM 3" instead.  
  Time/Date, Unit Price setting  
  1)Time and Date setting: Please use the PC time/date as standard and save it to your SEM3000 time/date for to synchronize both party. The SEM3000 time/data will be changed immediately.

2)Unit Cost setting: If you want to set @$0.10/kWh, please make base payment setting to "0.10".  If you want to set @$0.18/kWh, please make setting to "0.18".

3)Voltage setting: is not allowed by pc software.  Please calibrate it by using SEM3000 firmware calibration mode C11 with 5 touch keys.

4) Network setting : Please do not touch it by user.  (It will be used for SEM3110 web server setting by Korins service staff only.)
  If you want to download the new SEM3000 memory, you must delete the old data from the pc.  If you are using the same SEM3000, you do not need this process.  
  For to see the graph, we have 3 icons.
Real time graph: 2
SEM3000 download graph: 1